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Lifetimes Launches Winter Campaign- Not Everyone is Dreaming of a White Christmas. 

Help us raise money, donations and awareness this Christmas- Find out more here.

Winter is an especially treacherous time for people sleeping rough and in the past three months a 20 percent  spike has been reported in the number of rough sleepers currently in London.

Since October 2017, Lifetimes has provided 652 individuals experiencing homelessness with essential items as part of our two projects Woman 2 Woman and Men Matter 2. Our aim is to tackle period and hygiene poverty for men and women affected by homelessness and we do this by providing care packs containing socks, underwear, deodorant, wipes, a tooth brush, tooth paste and either feminine hygiene products or a razor.

There is a growing need for these items and we would like to continue to provide them 365 days of the year to continue to improve dignity, well-being, self-worth and confidence.

This winter help us show that someone cares and support Woman 2 Woman and Men Matter 2.

Not Everyone is Dreaming of a White Christmas.

See how you can help here.


 Happy 1st Birthday to Woman 2 Woman, enter our raffle for your chance to win an excellent prize!


Today is the first birthday of Lifetimes’ project, Woman 2 Woman, that tackles period and hygiene poverty for women experiencing homelessness in the South London Area.

We are so proud to have so far provided 200 women with essential items that we believe allow women to regain some freedom, self-worth and well-being.

With the number of rough sleepers on the rise for the seventh year running in England and a 169% increase overall since 2010, there are more women experiencing homelessness and facing the indignity of period poverty than ever before in recent history.

Many women are forced to choose between getting something to eat, buying sanitary pads or tampons or stealing these basic, essential items that many of us take for granted.

Period poverty is a health issue, it’s a gender issues and it is an important issue. Every woman should be 

able to access products that enable her to have a safe, dignified period, PERIOD.

In honour of Woman 2 Woman’s first birthday we are having a fundraising raffle. To enter you will need to donate a minimum of £3 on our Just Giving page between today and the 2nd of November and include your name when donating else we will not be able to include you in the raffle. The prize will be two free day entry passes to Kew gardens/Wakehurst Place, kindly donated by Kew gardens.

We will announce the winner on Friday the 2nd of November on the Just giving page and via our mailing list so make sure you check to see if you are the lucky one and you can then email us your details.

Enter here. 

Don’t forget to spread the word, good luck! 

Lifetimes launches Summer Homeless Campaign

rwsv Final

In October 2017, Lifetimes charity launched two homeless projects, Woman 2 Woman & Men Matter 2, projects that aim to end period poverty for women currently effected by homelessness in the local area and to address issues of hygiene, dignity, freedom and wellbeing for those in need.


This Summer, thousands of individuals sleep rough across England. Since 2010 the number of individuals effected by homelessness has dramatically increased and the number of rough sleepers has more than doubled since 2010. During the winter months, homelessness draws a lot of focus with more night shelters becoming available, an increased number of donations and discussions on homelessness taking place more frequently in the media. Rough sleeping in the summer months can be just as treacherous and as dangerous as sleeping rough in winter. Rough sleepers remain vulnerable to violence, sexual assault, heat stroke, dehydration and abuse.

We are raising awareness, funds and collecting donations for these projects.


For more information about this campaign and where to donate, please visit our page here.

A care pack costs around £5 and our aim is to raise enough for 200 packs, please give what you can and DONATE TODAY!

Join our campaign to keep the conversation going by following #365SleeplessNights  @LifetimesNews or on our Facebook @W2WMM2 and help us raise awareness that homelessness is still homelessness even in summer.


#TamponTaxFund is Going to Help End Period Poverty!!! #FreePeriods 


 Lifetimes are delighted to hear that the tampon tax fund will go towards ending period poverty, for the first time ever and would like to celebrate the vital work that the recipients of the fund including Hestia Housing and Support, Brook Young People and Mind, to name a few, do supporting women.

However, Lifetimes believes that the fund does not address the issues of period poverty faced by women who are currently experiencing homelessness, as it does nothing to provide them with vital items such as sanitary towels or tampons directly. Homeless women continue not to have adequate access to the things they need for safe, clean, comfortable periods and are often forced to go without.

Lifetimes believes that every women affected by homelessness should not find themselves having to make a choice between something to eat or drink and sanitary items and must have access to free, feminine hygiene products. Our project Woman 2 Woman aims at achieving this and we have so far made up 90 care packs for women affected by homelessness, all of which are filled with items that address the issues of feminine hygiene, dignity and comfort.

We would really like to hear your thoughts and opinions on period poverty and homelessness, please get in touch to start a conversation, donate to this project, host a donation box or find out some more information.

You can tweet us

@LifetimesNews and use the


us at assistant@life-times.org.uk

or call us on 0208 875 2849

Lifetimes Celebrates International Women's Day


In honour of Internationals women’s day, Lifetimes would like to celebrate inspirational women and take this time to raise awareness about women and homelessness. Niamh Davis from Lifetimes spoke to Denise Collins a woman who has been affected by homelessness, to talk about her inspirational life. To view the full article please follow the link by clicking here 

This year Lifetimes has trained over 500 women in Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health in the Community and Healthy Communities to reduce stigma and discrimination around mental health issues, to have the right conversations and to cascade information about professional and self-help support services available. Lifetimes has also provided over 100 care packs to women who are currently experiencing homelessness as part of our Woman 2 Woman project, which aims to tackle issues of hygiene and period poverty for homeless women.

Happy International Women's Day! 

Thank You to our Hard Working Volunteers


Lifetimes would like to thank the volunteers from The Charter School Feminist Society, who helped make care packages for our homeless project, Woman 2 Woman and for their excellent work fundraising and collecting feminine hygiene products. Together we made over 80 care packs, which will help relieve the effects of period poverty for women experiencing homelessness.   

 Lifetimes Visits Spires as Part of Woman 2 Woman 


We would like to say a big thank you to Spires for inviting us to their women's space Christmas party to hand out our Woman 2 Woman care packs. It really is a pleasure to work with such an important and committed organisation and we look forward to further exchanges in the future.

If you would like to find out more about these projects, would like to host a donation box or donate items please get in touch via email or phone.

You can also follow us on twitter 





 Men Matter 2- Delivering Care Packages to Southcroft Church


Lifetimes is very pleased to announce that  50 care packs for homeless men have been delivered to Southcroft Church.  Southcroft Church is an organisation that does valuable work supporting those experiencing homelessness through their community table.  It is a great pleasure for Lifetimes to work with such dedicated organisations in our joint effort to help homeless men and women.

If you would like to find out more about these projects, would like to host a donation box or donate items please get in touch via email or phone.

You can also follow us on twitter @LifetimesNews and each project at #LifetimesMenMatter2  #LifetimesWoman2Woman or #ReHomeSocksAndPants


 Men Matter 2, another New Project Developed by Lifetimes


Lifetimes will be Launching another new, exciting project, Men Matter 2, further details this will be released soon.

To find out more follow us on Twitter @LifetimesNews or go to

#ReHomeSocksAndPants or 

#LifetimesMenMatter2 to see how you can help

 Woman to Woman, a New Project Developed by Lifetimes to Tackle Period Poverty for Homeless Women


Lifetimes is addressing the serious issue of period poverty for homeless women. Lifetimes is partnering with other organisations in this field. Lifetimes will be providing care packages to homeless women in need through the Woman to Woman project.

To find out more follow us on Twitter @LifetimeNews or go to #LifetimesWoman2Woman     


Lifetimes Are Launching a New Project



Lifetimes will be launching an exciting, new, innovative project, Woman to Woman. Further details of this will be released soon. 



Fantastic new Charity for Wandsworth

Good Vibrations Giving (GVG) is a new registered charity in Wandsworth. GVG is looking to work with registered charities in our borough - you will be able to nominate your service users for direct delivery of essential gifts that will help them in their day-to-day lives eg: school uniform/ microwave/ washing machine etc 

GVG will already be working with Age UK Wandsworth and Storm Empowerment. Their service is free of charge.

The website is currently under construction and will be launching late summer.
For further information of how GVG can help please contact Hicky Kingsbury: hicky@gvgiving.org.uk


 Lifetimes' Hearing Voices Group

Whilst there are over 180 groups nationwide, we know there are still many areas where people can’t access a Hearing Voices Group and Wandsworth is one of those areas, untill now. Please click here for more informaion and to register your interest 


ValueYou - Volunteer Recognition Scheme

ValueYou is a volunteer recognition scheme that provides regular volunteers with a free discount card that they can use in almost 500 independent businesses across eleven London Boroughs including Wandsworth. Volunteers can also choose a gift voucher. The scheme is a charity, setup to say thank you to volunteers - there is no charge for using the service.

Butchers, bakers, cafes, restaurants, dry cleaners, florists, greengrocers-there are a huge range of businesses taking part. They all offer a discount of 10% or more for card holders. Gift vouchers include a hot drink and a cake, free dry cleaning, flowers, lunches and many more. Click here for a map of Wandsworth Businesses taking part in the scheme. 

To register with the scheme in Wandsworth you need to have volunteered 100 hours or more over the previous 12 months. Volunteers can visit the website to register with the scheme and will need the email address of your volunteer manager to confirm your volunteering activity.



Lifetimes Launches New Mental Health in the Workplace Training Course


 Book your place here.

In celebration of World Mental Health Day 2018 Lifetimes is launching a brand, new, bespoke training course, Mental Health in the Workplace. This course will increase your understanding of signs and symptoms of common mental health problems. You will learn to recognise some stressors and triggers within the home and work environment, as well as specific work triggers and some solutions and you will increase your knowledge of available support services for yourself and others and be equipped to co-create well-being in the workplace.

 We will be running three courses at the subsidised price of £49, and spaces are already beginning to fill up, book your place now:

November 29th 10.00am- 16.30pm: Fully booked

December 12th 10.00am-16.30pm: 

Fully booked

January 17th 10.00am- 16.30pm: 

Click here  (few places remains).

For more information about this course please email assistant@life-times.org.uk or call us on 0208 8752849

New for 2019
Lifetimes New Mental Health in Early YearsTraining


Mental Health in Early Years is a short mental health awareness course, written and delivered by Lifetimes. The course covers key developmental stages in the early years from 0-11, issues that can effect mental health and well-being at key stages, resources and strategies to support parents and carers and ways to develop coping strategies for children and those that support them. 

If you would like to express interest in this course then please email us: assistant@life-times.org.uk

Soap drama reflecting reality 


Coronation Street has sensitively raised the difficult topic of suicide this week.

All the news publicity around the storyline has highlighted the huge number of men who die by suicide every year. Globally a million people die by suicide every year and 84 men complete suicide each week in the UK.

Lifetimes is jointly delivering Connecting with People’s Suicide Awareness and Suicide Response Training. The training has been very well received by local organisations. ‘Sincere thanks for the fabulous training yesterday’ ‘We all gained a lot of knowledge and insight from your interactive and thoughtful presentations’ ‘Thank you so much for your well- presented session’ ‘The group thought it was very good and well worth attending’

If you are interested in your organisation receiving this training please contact Kirstie Sheehy for more details specialist@life-times.org.uk         



Care4me community directory

Care4me is the online community Directory developed by Lifetimes that allows community and voluntary organisations to promote and publicise their services and activities. The directory has recently been changed and has a new look with improved functionality, more categories of services and is multi lingual.
Is your organisation or self-support group registered yet? Make sure you get in touch with to register. Email: info@life-times.org.uk or telephone 020 8875 2846.
Since March 30th 2012, Care4me has been the online directory used by the  general public, the Information and Signposting service of the new consumer champion for NHS and social care services, Healthwatch Wandsworth and clinical professionals.

  2,500 local people benefit from a Lifetimes “Chance”

Using our in-depth knowledge of grant funding, Lifetimes set up their own scheme in 2008 to assist necessitous parents with children under 13 years of age living in the Borough of Wandsworth. Chances ( the grant giving arm of Lifetimes Charity) has donated over £120,000 of their own money to projects benefitting necessitous parents since 2008.

Putting OUR money into needed services in the Borough of Wandsworth.
The funds distributed by Lifetimes/Chances is money generated by Lifetimes’ trading activities and is NOT provided by any other statutory body. 

We do not merely act as an administrator for these funds but work hard to secure these funds for distribution.

In many instances the funding has been given to small voluntary sector groups based in the borough, who although they provide much needed grassroots services are turned away by the main funding trusts.

In total, over 2,500 residents have received education, training, help and support via charities and community groups funded by Chances.

To read more please click here.

Great Success of theVolunteer Brokerage Platform on Care4me

The volunteer brokerage platform on Lifetime’s community directory, www.care4me.org.uk has proved to be a great success for both volunteers and organisations.

WOW! What a great response, thank you so much for sending our details, it really is paying dividends. Tony Sanders, Caius House.

Using the volunteering button on the site, all organisations registered with Care4Me can now promote their volunteering opportunities. Any individual with an interest in volunteering can also sign up to the site’s Volunteer Bank, with a brief profile of their skills they wish to share and areas of volunteering they are interested in.

The brokerage platform is entirely self-funded by Lifetimes, who work to empower and support the voluntary sector in Wandsworth. This development was made to assist organisations in the borough that have experienced difficulties gaining volunteers since the Local Authority’s decision last year to cease funding a volunteer brokerage service in the borough. To list your organisation’s volunteering opportunities, simply register or sign in at www.care4me.org.uk, and then register your opportunity.

If you are an individual looking to volunteer, you can register with the volunteer bank here.

If you have any questions about using the service, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0208 875 2846 or assistant@life-times.org.uk.  


Lifetimes’ Health & Wellbeing Event 
9th October 2014








Three hundred people joined Lifetimes to hold a community event day on 9th October 2014.

The overall consensus was that the event was very worthwhile and provided the means of not only a showcasing for different organisation’s services but also networking and building relationships for future joint working and referrals.

The event was formally opened by the Mayor of Wandsworth  who, together with Lifetimes CEO, was pleased to meet all stall holders  and hand out the special Mayor volunteering badges to selected volunteers on the day.  In total 41 volunteers were pleased to receive badges and have their names submitted to the roll of honour.

We had excellent feedback from our attendees:
“Very informative” 
“This is important and empowers our community”
“We need more events like these ...”
"Excellent work”
“Good for the community “
“Remarkable day “
“When is the next one?”

A special Meet the Funders event was held.  Demand for tickets for this event was exceptional and spaces were filled within 24 hours of the announcement made via Lifetimes email and website adverts. 4 different funders presented at this event and a special presentation on the new Wandsworth Grant Fund was also delivered by Wandsworth Council.

Lifetimes would like to extend their thanks to the hugely talented staff of Wheelhouse productions for the filming they carried out on the day and the post production they provided to Lifetimes.  Wheelhouse productions have a wealth of experience and if you feel that they could assist your organisation please contact them on www.wheelhouse.org.uk
or email peter@wheelhouse.org.uk.

Community Project Volunteers

Do you have a project that you need help with? South Thames College have launched a campaign to give young people the opportunity to volunteer in the community. Previous and current voluntary projects include painting nurseries and relaying gardens at schools. The team supported our '5 Ways to Wellbeing' event in Balham on World Mental Health Day and did a brilliant job, so if you need help with anything, please get in touch on 020 8918 7069 or e-mail: volunteering@south-thames.ac.uk


Lifetimes in Wandsworth and South London Press


Wandsworth and South London Press featured the successful Strawberries and Cream Tea Party organized by Lifetimes Charity, Wandsworth’s council for voluntary services, to mark National Volunteering week.

Tina Champion Lifetimes chief executive, told the South London Press:

“It was a fun and less formal way to say thank you to the volunteers, without whom many public services would not be able to run.

“Funding streams have been cut and people have to rely on volunteers to keep services going, which makes it even more important to support and recognize them."

To read more please click here.


Lifetimes, the Council for Voluntary Services in Wandsworth in year (2014-15) “enabled people to achieve” by

- Self funded Communication with our regular 2000 subscribers via our e-bulletins which lists news, funding opportunities, events and much more.

 - Training and Networking 606 people attended our training and networking workshops

 - Event managed & facilitated other events attended by 327 people

 - Self Funded grants to other voluntary organisations in the amount of £23,855  which supported a further 937 people in the community

Our multi lingual Care4me directory giving a new web presence to the Voluntary and Community sector and Healthcare professionals and a user-friendly directory for the Wandsworth citizen. 


 Volunteers Week



Volunteer’s week seemed a fitting time to present Share Community with a cheque for £500 as the winners of Lifetimes Best Practice in Volunteering Award.

Leanne Brayne (Volunteer Co-ordinator) has demonstrated her ability to implement the training she has received from Lifetimes specialist volunteering trainer; Kirsty Sheehy and we were honoured to be invited to Share’s Volunteering Celebration party on Thursday 5th June.

Lifetimes also launched their new volunteering online brokerage project which has been self funded by the organisation.

Tina Champion, CEO of Lifetimes, said that “since the cessation of any support from the local authority since April 20114 for volunteering brokerage, we knew that the Voluntary Sector in Wandsworth would still continue to need a local presence to be able to maintain their service delivery using volunteers”. 

Lifetimes Board of Trustees were pleased to agree to self funding the development of this service on www.care4me.org.uk which is Lifetimes community directory

Free counter fraud guide launched for charities

As reported by Civil Society News, this guide follows the Annual Fraud Indicator released in May which shows that the cost of fraud to the charity sector has increased by 73 per cent from £1.1bn in 2013 to £1.9bn.

Is your charity up to date with policies on fraud protection, business continuity plans, strong financial controls?  Find information on charity commission website or become a member of the charity finance group

 It's not too late to volunteer abroad this summer!

If you want to volunteer abroad this summer it's not too late! There are still lots of projects available worldwide and some new projects are being announced in several countries like Iceland, Italy, France, Japan and a few more destinations.

To read more please click here






New Capacity Building Training Courses delivered by Lifetimes

Experts in Evaluation Training- Tools to Measure your Volunteer Programme

What difference do your volunteers make to your group or organisation and to the people and communities you serve? How can you prove it, evidence it, and make a stronger case for funding your volunteer programme?

In a time of cuts, there are increasing pressures on organisations that involve volunteers to monitor and evaluate the contribution they make. This training will provide you with effective methods for evaluating your volunteering programme and proving its value and impact.
This includes:

• How volunteers help the organisation to achieve its mission and service its target communities

• How volunteers themselves benefit from that experience
• How this benefits the wider community

Understanding and using outcomes

Are you able to demonstrate the effects of your organisation’s work?

Are your funders asking you to report on the changes in your beneficiaries’ lives resulting from your projects?

Would you like to learn how to measure and report on the effects of your work?

• What are outcomes?
• How to identify relevant outcomes for your work
• How to measure your outcomes
• The benefits of having an outcomes focus
• Methods for collecting information on your outcomes
• How to build a framework to monitor your outcomes
• How to report and use your outcomes information

Dates and venues will be published shortly. Please email assistant@life-times.org.uk if you are interested in attending.

Lifetimes hands out 600 Woman 2 Woman & Men Matter 2 Care Packs.

 both care packs

Lifetimes is proud to have handed out over 600 care packs to individuals experiencing homelessness in South London. It has been great working with such committed organisations both big and small. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the organisations who have hosted a donation box, the individuals who have donated items directly or those who have given money via our Just Giving page. We look forward to reaching out to more people in need.

If you would like to support these projects, please click here to find out more. 

Lifetimes is on the Radio

        wandsworth radio logo

Our Project Lead, Kirstie Sheehy was invited onto Wandsworth Radio’s new show ‘Mind Your Head’ to discuss mental health, the history of Lifetimes and our current projects.

Click here to listen to the show and find out about our upcoming training, campaigns and ideas to get involved with the community. We would like to thank Wandsworth radio and the ‘Mind Your Head’ team for having us and we look forward to meeting you again in the future. 


Excellent New Charity in Wandsworth

      Good Vibrations Giving

Good Vibrations Giving (GVG), new registered charity working in Wandsworth, 

The GVG site, which enables person-to-person giving - for donors to donate for essential gifts for your service users is now up and running: www.gvgiving.org.uk  

GVG is currently workng with charities in Wandsworth, who are nominating their service users for donations of essential gifts to help alleviate hardship.  

If you are a Wandsworth charity and would like further information on how we can help you, please contact Hicky Kingsbury: hicky@gvgiving.org.uk 

 Representative from Local Voluntary Sector Invited to the Royal Maundy Service


Lifetimes would like to congratulate our trustee Natalie Gibson-Wilson who was invited to attend Maundy Thursday at Windsor Castle. Natalie’s commitment to making Wandsworth a better community for everyone is truly inspiring and we are so proud.

Woman 2 Woman &Men Matter 2- Delivering Packs to Glass Door 


 Lifetimes is pleased to announce that 120 care packs, containing items to address hygiene issues faced by individuals experiencing homelessness, were delivered to Glass Door Homeless Charity as part of our two homeless projects, Woman 2 Woman & Men Matter 2

 Glass Door partners with churches to give shelter and support and is London's largest emergency winter night shelter. It was a pleasure to for Lifetimes to work with such an important and dedicated organisation, who do such valuable work and we look forward to further future exchanges. 

 We would really like to hear your thoughts and opinions on period poverty and homelessness, please get in touch to start a conversation, donate to this project, host a donation box or find out some more information.

 You can tweet us @LifetimesNews email

 us at assistant@life-times.org.uk

 or call us on 0208 875 2849

 Thank You Morleys in Tooting



Lifetimes would like to thank Morleys in Tooting for their generous donations of Pillows and Duvets, as part of our two homeless projects Woman 2 Woman and Men Matter 2. These items will help to make those in need a little more comfortable, a little warmer and help to relieve some of the issues faced by individuals experiencing homelessness.

If you would like to find out more about these projects, would like to host a donation box or donate items please get in touch via email or phone.

You can also follow us on twitter 






Wandsworth CCG supports Woman 2 Woman & Men Matter 2


Lifetimes would like to thank the Wandsworth CCG, all the staff at Brocklebank Group Practise and Dr Nicola Jones and Julie Walmsley for supporting our two homeless projects, Woman 2 Woman and Men Matter 2. With their support we are able to continue to help support individuals experiencing homeless in Wandsworth and the surrounding broughs.

If you would like to find out more about these projects, would like to host a donation box or donate items please get in touch via email or phone.

You can also follow us on twitter 






 Deputy Mayor of London and Team London Visit Lifetimes


 We would like to say a big thank you to Matthew Ryder, Deputy Mayor for Social Integration, Social Mobility and Community Engagement, for visiting us at Lifetimes Charity this week. 

He came to chat with small community groups about the vital work they do supporting the borough of Wandsworth. These included Putney Wellbeing Friends, a team of like-minded volunteers that offer a confidential compassionate ear to those seeking self-help with their mental health. Mercy Foundation Centre, who provides free UK Online basic computer training for the local community. Tooting Graveney Day Care Centre that provides a supportive and friendly environment for mixing and socialising for older residents of the borough. Youth legal that aims to improve the quality of life of vulnerable Young People by making available independent, free legal advice in social welfare law and A 2nd Voice, voluntary support group that raise awareness about Autism and supports individuals with special needs. 


Kitchen Social Quality Assurance Mark

Kitchen social has been developed to tackle the growing challenge of child poverty that has been on the increase over the last few decades.  The programme aims to impact on child poverty by tackling social isolation, food insecurity and educational disparity, which are issues that are increased during school holidays. We believe to achieve this successfully and to ensure safeguarding of all participants that all Kitchen Social hubs must adhere to a set of minimum standards, which are outlined in this document.

To read more please click here.



South West London Recovery Cafes

Theaim of the cafe is to support people to reduce their immediate crisis and anxiety, and to safety plan, drawing on strengths, resilience and coping mechanisms to reduce the need to use crisis services in future. They are an alternative for people who may present at A&E because of their mental health and are an out of hours service to support people when other  services are closed.

Opening hours:
Both cafés will be open 365 days per year
Monday to Friday:   6pm – 11pm  
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays:   12 noon – 11pm

25 customers at any one time.

To read more please click here.

We are recruiting new members for our Youth Council!

The deadline is Monday 5th March at 5pm

Our Youth Council is a group of 16-25 year olds, with autism, who meet at least four times a year to discuss and plan campaigns, events and consultations. Our Youth Council make sure that all the work we do at Ambitious about Autism reflects the views and needs of children and young people with autism.

To be a member of Youth Council you must be:
· aged 16-25 years old and living in the UK.
· diagnosed with autism.
· able to attend meetings in London and events across the country (We will pay reasonable travel expenses, provide lunch and practical support so that you can take part and contribute).

You do not need any experience to apply for this role!

We would also like to note that we want our Youth Council to represent the range and diversity of the whole autism spectrum. This means that we are particularly keen to hear from people with autism who use assistive communication methods, those who also have a learning disability or have never been involved with Ambitious about Autism before.

For more information about this opportunity download our Youth Council Fact File and apply using the Opportunity Form please click here.

If you need support with your application or have any questions please contact:


Small charities ‘pressured not to say anything too controversial’

A chief executive of a small service delivery charity has said that one of the things holding her organisation back from advocacy work is “pressure not to say anything too controversial”.

Sarah Mitchell, chief executive of Carers Network, a charity that supports voluntary carers in London, was speaking at the launch of Lloyds Bank Foundation report, Facing the Forward, yesterday.

In response to a question about the challenges small charities face when it comes to advocating on behalf of beneficiaries, she said that being heavily reliant on local authority contracts is a barrier.

To read more please click here.

Councils’ spending hits new low

Councils’ spending in England will fall by 1% in 2016-17 (£0.9bn) according to official figures, raising concerns over the financial resilience of local authorities.

The figures, published by the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, show cultural services will see the biggest reduction with 5.8% cuts planned.

Education budgets will fall by 2.2% – mainly due to the number of schools converting to academies – with fire and rescue services seeing reduction of 1.3%.

The figures also show £17.3bn of the £21bn held in reserves by councils has been earmarked for specific purposes.

To read more please click here.

Companies House Register of People with Significant Control

A new law has recently come into effect that requires all companies, including charities that are companies, to keep a register of the people that can influence or control a company, known as People with Significant Control (PSCs). The aim is to identify those with ultimate control or ownership of the company, for example major shareholders. Companies will need to identify these 'PSCs', record details on their own register, and file this information with Companies House. It's important to note that the PSCs of charitable companies will not necessarily be your charity's trustees and we expect some charitable companies will not have any PSCs. Companies that don't comply with the regulations may be fined, so make sure you read the information in full.



Charity Law Update

Charity Commission publishes revised trustee guidance.

The Charity Commission has recently published a revised version of its trustee guidance - The Essential Trustee (CC3). This comes after a public consultation on the draft guidance, and aims to make it clearer and more concise, to ensure that all trustees are aware of their duties and what is expected of them.

To read the full summary, click here.

Visit our website - for past legal updates and details on our seminars.

It's not too late to volunteer abroad this summer!

If you want to volunteer abroad this summer it's not too late! There are still lots of projects available worldwide and some new projects are being announced in several countries like Iceland, Italy, France, Japan and a few more destinations.

To read more please click here