Woman 2 Woman & Men Matter 2


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In October 2017, Lifetimes launched two homeless projects, Woman 2 Woman & Men Matter 2 that we would like your help with. Our aim is to end period poverty for women experiencing homelessness in South West London and to address issues of hygiene and therefore dignity for all homeless individuals in the local area.

 Woman 2 Woman is a project that aims to end period poverty for women currently effected by homelessness in the local area by providing a care pack, containing wipes, deodorant, socks, knickers, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste and a tooth brush to those in need. We believe that these items will allow homeless women to regain some freedom and restore some dignity, basic rights we often take for granted.

 Men Matter 2 was born as a result of the high demand for these packs and the fact that there are more men currently experiencing homelessness than women. These packs contain similar items but the tampons/pads are replaced by a razor.


                                           W2W MM2 Carepacks       

 So far we have provided over 100 women and over 300 men across South West London with care packs that have been extremely well received. We have worked with organisations such as Glass Doors, Western Lodge, Spires, The Robes Project, Merton Faith in Action and Street Pastors.


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 Over the Christmas and winter period we were lucky enough to receive donations and offers to host donation boxes, however since the turn of the season and the recent hot weather we are finding it increasingly difficult to source donations for these much needed packs.

This Summer, thousands of individuals sleep rough across England. Since 2010 the number of individuals effected by homelessness has dramatically increased and the number of rough sleepers has more than doubled since 2010. During the winter months, homelessness draws a lot of focus with more night shelters becoming available, an increased number of donations and discussions on homelessness taking place more frequently in the media. Rough sleeping in the summer months can be just as treacherous and as dangerous as sleeping rough in winter. Rough sleepers remain vulnerable to violence, sexual assault, heat stroke, dehydration and abuse.

We want these projects to run for as long as possible so we can reach as many individuals in need as we can. We want women who are affected by homelessness in South West London to never again have to make the choice between food or feminine hygiene products and we want to instil a sense of personal well-being in to the lives of those in need.

 We therefore need your help to provide these essential items over the Summer and Autumn months, items that act as more than just toiletries, in many cases they increase confidence, dignity and freedom. We want people to know that Homelessness is still homelessness even if it is Summer!





Please join our campaign to keep the conversation going by following #365SleeplessNights @LifetimesNews or go to our Facebook @W2WMM2 and help us raise awareness that homelessness is still homelessness even in summer. Support our programs Woman 2 Woman and Men Matter 2 that provide those effected, with essential items such as toiletries, underwear, socks and feminine hygiene products by donating directly to our fundraising pages using the links below or by hosting a donation box. 

A care pack costs around £5 and our aim is to raise enough for 200 packs, please follow the link below in order to donate today, please give what you can by going clicking on one of the below options: 

Go Fund Me

Just Giving

Crowd Funder

If you would prefer instead to donate items directly or host a donation box in your office, school, community hall, church, mosque etc. than please contact us on 0208 875 2849 or email us assistant@life-times.org.uk

If you would like more information about these projects please get in touch using the information provided above of follow us on twitter @LifetimesNews and use #LifetimesWoman2Woman #LifetimesMenMatter2 & #ReHomeSocksAndPants


                                                          Homelessness is not just for Christmas, for some its 365 days a year.