Title Autism, Women & BME Community Aims

Saturday 29th March 2014
Time:1.30pm – 4.30pm

This free seminar will be from a personal perspective a diversity of different communities coming together to share their experience in raising their autistic child or adult, an Autistic Adult who will talk about living with Autism and a short 30 minutes documentary from the USA, directed and written by John Haderlein about an 8 year old Autistic boy Terrance Cottrell, Jr who died from suffocation in a faith healing that lead to a homicide in 2003.

Autism and Aspergers Syndrome affects all communities. There are great concerns for many Autistic Girls and Women not being recognised and receiving relevant support and for those within the BME communities more awareness, representation and support for those with language barriers and cultural differences and also to raise awareness amongst faith groups.

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Date 29/03/14

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