Chances is funding a new summer project for 7-13 years old children in partnership with Carney’s Community


Get Fit Fast, Boxing Fit & Fed project is being run throughout August at Carney’s Community Centre, 30 Petworth Street.

Dates, 6th, 9th, 13th, 16th, 20th, 23rd, 27th, 30th August
Boxing start from 11:00-12:30
Fit and Fed start from 12:30-14:00
Tel: 0207 228 0506

This project is free to attend, so come along and get involved.



New grant funding for a new year

Lifetimes Chances is pleased to announce its new grant funding stream from the Charity’s self-generated funds. 
Our latest partnership with Achieving for Children will be able to assist families with grants for services, necessitous items, one off experiences that would not be achievable in their present circumstances.

During 2019 we will be announcing our other partners under this exciting new funding stream.

Lifetimes Chief Executive, Tina Champion said “As an organisation, we have for decades assisted other funders. Government departments, statutory bodies and the local authority to cascade their information to the voluntary sector via newsletters, meet the Funders events, 1:1 funding meetings, capacity building training etc. and provided successful assistance to many voluntary organisations on obtaining funding. Lifetimes is well placed to be able to design and administer grant funding schemes and also to provide meaningful impact reports”.

“Lifetimes is extremely proud that this grant funding comes from our own self-generated funds and as an independent Charity we continually strive to meet our group’s mission statement “Enabling people to achieve”.






2,500 local people benefit from a Lifetimes “Chance”

Using our in-depth knowledge of grant funding, Lifetimes set up their own scheme in 2008 to assist necessitous parents with children under 13 years of age living in the Borough of Wandsworth. Chances ( the grant giving arm of Lifetimes Charity) has donated over £120,000 of their own money to projects benefitting necessitous parents since 2008.

Putting OUR money into needed services in the Borough of Wandsworth.
The funds distributed by Lifetimes/Chances is money generated by Lifetimes’ trading activities and is NOT provided by any other statutory body. 
We do not merely act as an administrator for these funds but work hard to secure these funds for distribution.

In many instances the funding has been given to small voluntary sector groups based in the borough, who although they provide much needed grassroots services are turned away by the main funding trusts.

In total, over 2,500 residents have received education, training, help and support via charities and community groups funded by Chances.

Here is an outline of some of the people helped:

Activity breaks for 32 children from some of the most needy families have been paid for by Chances with another 16 being funded for later on in 2015. These children have been referred to outside agencies by Social services etc.

We supported 120 parents with severely disabled children by providing payment for specialist teachers

We funded advice and support work to 883 individuals through local charities working in areas of domestic violence, refugee and disability and “at risk” families.

We supported and taught 818 children and parents with the provision of funding for after school education, parenting classes, Esol lessons and crèche facilities, as well as funding equipment for specialised education areas

We encouraged volunteering which would benefit 305 families by funding the employment of volunteer co-ordinators to train more volunteers

We have funded equipment to reach out to 230 people equipping rooms with specialist furniture, ICT equipment for newsletters and also paid for meeting spacse for charities and voluntary sector groups so that they can inform their members and beneficiaries;.

Direct aid given to charitable organisations which helped 200 residents.