Top-tips from DSC for your personal development that cost next to nothing

Learning at work does not need to be confined to training courses. There are so many exciting possibilities and being pro-active about your learning means creating new opportunities for yourself and your team. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Volunteer to be part of a project team or lead a troubleshooting project, or volunteer to take on something that is really a bit scary!
  • Learn how to mentor and coach or mentor a colleague.
  • Buddy alongside a new recruit.
  • Read a 'self-help' book and create a summary to share with your colleagues.
  • Work-shadow your boss or a colleague in another department.
  • Swap roles for a week and extend your skills and knowledge.
  • Start an Action Learning Group.
  • Take responsibility for learning days at work when colleagues share research around a mutually interesting topic.
  • Ask to attend a board meeting as a learning experience.
  • Target yourself with some private learning: online, books, articles.

By Christine Wright, DSC Head of Training Services


14:56, 17 Jan 2012 by Zainab Sati