Are you ambitious? Do you want to build a sustainable future for your organisation?

Pilotlight connects senior business executives with ambitious charities and social enterprises, creating and managing a space to exchange skills and share learning. Since 2003 we have worked with over 300 small to medium sized charities tackling social disadvantage in the UK, offering a uniquely managed capacity building process. We help you to explore your vision and develop the skills to make it happen. Our service is free of charge because we are funded by donations from our business partners.

Results from our process include:

•Improved financial stability

•Clearer articulation of future ambitions

•Increased capacity for strategic thinking

•Understanding how to make the most of your trustee board

One year after working with Pilotlight, our charities and social enterprises experience the following results:

•50 % increase in income (for charities smaller than £200k this rises to 84%)

•107% Increase in the number of people reached (150% for smaller charities)

To find out more, call Pilotlight on 020 7283 7010 or visit

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16:40, 06 Dec 2012 by Zainab Sati