We are a social enterprise with a growing reputation for delivering quality services that compare favourably with the best in the country in terms of customer satisfaction, community participation and financial performance.

Our holistic services are based on sound evidence, national guidance and good practice and are specifically bespoke for the needs of local communities, addressing many aspects of lifestyle behaviour and poor health. They are delivered by multidisciplinary healthcare practioners, including nurses, dietitians, physical activity and behaviour change specialists, all with expertise and a real desire to target and tackle health inequalities, particularly focusing on areas of deprivation.

Our services include: Child and Adult Weight Management, Health Trainer Services, Volunteer Health Champions, CVD Health Checks, Stop Smoking Services, Healthy Cooking and Shop Tour Programmes, Exercise Referral, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Long Term Conditions.

We have been commissioned by the NHS in various boroughs across the country to provide FREE healthy lifestyle initiatives to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles to children, young people and new mums.

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11:55, 12 Nov 2014 by Zainab Sati