Self Help Wandsworth

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Self Help Wandsworth
is a new programme of support for self help groups in the borough, delivered by Lifetimes, the Council of Voluntary Service in Wandsworth.

What is a self help group?
Self help groups are support groups that offer and provide mutual support or mutual aid. The members of the group share a common problem, issue, illness or addiction. People often gain huge benefits from talking to others who have a shared experience, whether it be a diagnosis of a long term condition or having faced a similar life experience such as loss, recovery or survival. The mutual aim of the group is to give as well as to receive help, learn and share information and practical ways of managing and coping with their shared challenge and in doing so members inspire each other, gain more control and feel empowered to cope with their challenges and experiences.

Self help groups may be run in a variety of ways such as;

  • Peer led self help groups with face to face meetings
  • Professionally supported self help groups
  • Organisationally hosted self help groups
  • Social network and online self help groups

What support and services will the Self Help Wandsworth Programme offer?

  • 1:1 Tailored meetings to offer support, advice and guidance
  • Training workshops for new and existing groups
  • Themed meetings and Discussion evenings
  • Development and promotional events
  • Networking Opportunities

We already run a self help group. Can we join the programme?
Yes, we want to support all existing and new emerging groups. Our 1:1 support, advice and guidance will be tailored to the needs of your group and developmental stage to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Our comprehensive training programme will help develop existing groups and the network sessions will enable all groups to share ideas and grow. You can also add your group to our growing comprehensive Self Help Directory on  ( Lifetimes Community Directory ) so that new members, carers and professionals are aware of your group.

We would like to start a self help group. Where do we start?
Contact the Self Help Wandsworth Programme Advisors to arrange your 1:1 meeting. We can discuss your ideas and help you develop a plan for your new group. We will advise you on good practice, support and training, assist you with gathering your members through our Self Help Directory on  

I would like to join a self help group. How do I find one?
Visit Care4me – Wandsworth’s Community Directory and click on the Self Help Groups button to find up to date listings of local and national self help groups. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact the Self Help Wandsworth Advisors to discuss setting up a new local group. 

Contact the Self Help Wandsworth Programme Advisors


T: 0208 875 2840   0208 875 2841   0208 875 2846 



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