Many of you will know of our commitment to volunteering within the borough.  Lifetimes (and its former named companies) have been the volunteer bureau/centre for over 35 years. Whilst not responsible for the local authority funded contract presently, we have continued to support and promote volunteering best practice and brokerage especially for individuals requiring extra help due to additional support needs. 

To continue this work Lifetimes is proud to launch their own 3 local initiatives that celebrate volunteering at its best. These are:

Strawberries & Cream tea - supporting Volunteers Week and a Thank You to volunteers on behalf of  Wandsworth organisations - 6th June Penfold Centre .Only limited space is available for booking please click here.

Volunteer summer fair  - 10th July Penfold Centre.  An event to bring together volunteering involving organisations and prospective volunteers to highlight and encourage the valuable work undertaken in the community by individuals.  More details on this to follow.

Volunteering Best Practice Award -  An Award to win £500 for the voluntary organisation demonstrating the best Practice for volunteering .  Download details and application form from our website.

11:26, 14 May 2013 by Zainab Sati