NHS Wandsworth’s Clinical Commissioning Group has made further funds available from April 2013 to help seldom heard groups in the local community engage in NHS decision-making. Grants of up to £2,000 are available over the next year to enable members of these organisations take part in shaping future healthcare provision. Wandsworth Care Alliance (WCA) is responsible for administering the grants and monitoring how they are to be used.

Grants Available

Voluntary and community organisations who champion or represent marginalised groups in Wandsworth are invited to apply for a one-off grant to undertake the following activities:

1.    Identify priority health needs for their members, and communicate these issues to health commissioners via WCA. (Groups who received grants in previous years may have already done this).

2.    Help develop NHS equality and diversity practice by being represented at a minimum of two meetings a year of the NHS ‘Thinking Partners’ group.

3.    Develop and train members who can represent the particular experience of their group in NHS consultative structures, such as patients’ groups.

4.     Undertake health promotion on issues which are relevant to their community or conditions group and which are priorities for Wandsworth NHS eg. diabetes, falls prevention, COPD, mental illness etc

5.    Take part in Clinical Commissioning Group involvement and engagement activities.

6.    Provide a brief account of how they have spent the grant that was provided, at the end of the funding period.

Groups which received funding in previous years can be eligible for a further £1,000 if they have provided WCA/LINk with a summary of activities undertaken and outcomes achieved with the grant.

Application Process

The grants should cover the costs of the consultation & participation activities listed above including transport and access arrangements for people to participate. 

Applications should be no longer than 1 page of A4 and state:

·        Name of organisation

·        Contact details of applicant

·        Describe briefly the aims and main activities of your organisation.  Please include your experience of working with your stakeholders, including your organisation’s track record on involvement.

·        What you would do with the grant to improve outcomes for your stakeholder group

·        A statement of commitment to undertake the tasks outlined above.

·        Please provide contact details of at least one referee who knows the work of the organisation.


Applications will be judged on the basis of:

·        Organisation’s track record of engagement and involvement

·        Organisation’s reach & relationships with stakeholders whose voices have not been heard.

·        Organisation’s grasp of particular issues related to health or health services for the group.

Please send applications to Wandsworth Care Alliance, Trident Business Centre, 80 Bickersteth Rd, SW17 9SH by Friday May 17th 2013

Any queries should be sent to office@wandcareall.org.uk


10:35, 20 Mar 2013 by Zainab Sati