Lifetimes Training and Events

Lifetimes runs a training and events program throughout the year for voluntary and community organisations. 

Last year we organised: 
- 22 training sessions and community events

- That were attended by 606 people

If you have any questions about any of our courses please call 020 8875 2846 or e -mail

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles               
Tuesday 4 July            10.30am – 4.30pm     Wandsworth Council, Room 145    

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing  
Tuesday 11 July          10.30am – 4.30pm     Wandsworth Council, Room 145

Fire, Home & Personal Safety
Tuesday 18 July          10.30am – 4.30pm      Conference Room 3A, Town Hall Extension 2

This bespoke training programme was originally written for Wandsworth Borough Council’s workplace development; Lifetimes have negotiated for voluntary sector groups in Wandsworth and Richmond to have the opportunity to take up free training spaces.

Commissioners at the council have strongly inferred a preference for voluntary sector staff and volunteers to attend; attendance will benefit and strengthen bids and contracts in the future. Please only book a space on the course if you will definitely able to fill it as spaces are limited and we are required to report back in detail on any non-attendance. We are more than happy to accept substitutions as long as all booked places are filled. 

Organisations are entitled to a maximum of 2 places per course. Booking is essential via Wandsworth Borough Council’s TPD online. Please see below for details.

1. Promoting Healthy Lifestyles       Course Code - HCP-PHL 

This session will provide an overview of the different areas of health and wellbeing, health inequalities and how to promote healthy living activities in the community.

Click here for the course outline

We will be joined on 4 July by special guests Food for the Brain, a charitable foundation working to inform organisations and empower individuals to change their diet and lifestyle and take greater control of their own mental health.

Their session will include:

  • Nutrients for boosting brain health 
  • How your blood sugar levels can affect your mental health 
  • Dispelling the fat myth and what fats to eat for optimising brain and overall health
  • The Gut-Brain relationship and how to improve it 
  • Lifestyle tips on optimising mental wellbeing 
  • Practical takeaways such as what the ideal plate should look like 


2. Mental & Emotional Wellbeing  Course Code - HCP-MEW

This session provides an overview of the different aspects that support good mental wellbeing and how to support individuals to engage in health promoting activities and access further support. 

Click here for the course outline.

3. Fire, Home & Personal Safety       Course Code – HCP-FHPS

This session will provide an overview on safety in the home and the risks and types of accidents which can occur as clients get older. We will also focus on crimes against older people and the effects of poor living conditions.

Click here for the course outline.

Booking is essential via Wandsworth Borough Council’s TPD online Please note: Organisations are entitled to a maximum of 2 places per course.

How to book your place

1.       Click here to visit TPD online.

2.       Enter the Course Code into the search bar: 

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles        Course Code - HCP-PHL 

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing      Course Code - HCP-MEW
Fire, Home & Personal Safety       Course Code – HCP-FHPS

3.       Once your chosen course has come up in the search results, select Request a Place

4.       You will be required to login to TPD online to book your place on the sessions. 
If you do not have a TPD online account, click to “Sign up for your FREE TPD Voluntary & Community online account today!” 
Please click here to refer to the TPD online user guide

5.       If your organisation is not listed on the TPD drop-down menu, 
a. select the ‘my establishment is not listed’ checkbox and contact Karen Bliss on the details provided.
b. alternatively, to avoid any delay in securing your place on the course, select Lifetimes Charity from the drop-down menu.

If you have any further questions regarding bookings for these courses, please contact the course administrator - Agostinho De Jesus


Eventbrite - Wandsworth Funding Workshop

Mental Health in the Community
Recognising Symptoms, Resilience and Signposting

After several sold-out sessions in 2016, Lifetimes popular new training course for the Voluntary and Community Sector is back with course dates available until May 2017.

Mental health in the Community’ is a short mental health awareness course for staff and volunteers delivering services in the community, written and delivered by Lifetimes Charity. The 3.5 hour course will cover mental health issues such as depression, suicide and anxiety but importantly includes the topics of self- care, resilience and signposting to local and national support and resources.  This bespoke training course is accompanied by a certificate and a training manual for trainees to use as a reference guide.

Course Dates

Tuesday 30 May                  10.30am – 2pm

Spaces will be charged at £25 per person; ticket prices are highly subsidised by Lifetimes Charity and are the same for both staff and volunteers.

Training on all of the dates above will be held at Lifetimes office: 100 Wandsworth High Street
Please note: This training venue is on the 2nd floor with no lift access.

‘Mental Health in the Community’ Training course is one of a number of new initiatives being delivered under the Cascade Project. Cascade is an innovative project which aims to instil confidence and skills, communication and direct empowerment to our community.

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